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  Coverings Report

A view of our booth at Coverings 2011 more

2011 proved to be a very good year at Coverings!  The general feeling across the industry is that 2011 will definitely be a better year and that the trend will continue into 2012. It was wonderful seeing so many of you during the show and having a chance to catch up over a glass of champagne, even if it was only for a couple of minutes.

This year we introduced the Zacapa line, part of the Topis collections, we also introduced the 6x6 Inner Piece tiles that we all love so much and a new line extension for the Hispaniola Collection.  The PowerPoint presentation with images of all of the boards presented at the show is available for all of you who didn’t get a chance to make it to Las Vegas, or for those of you still trying to figure out what is it that you saw at the show.

We hope to see you all in Orlando next year!
  Leah Zahavi | Spontaneity in Art Tile
Leah Zahavi

“In the house of mosaics, there are many rooms,” says Leah Zahavi.
She’s describing a recent solo exhibit of her mother’s art at Philadelphia’s Magic Garden. Her mother is internationally renowned mosaic artist, Ilana Shafir, and Zahavi is explaining the contrasts and similarities to the mosaic work of another artist, Isaiah Zagar. Whereas Zagar works very quickly and collaboratively with others, Shafir’s work is more deliberate and very personal. “My mother works for months to find the each piece for her mosaics. She searches for the perfect combination – she’s always looking for a match from heaven. Only then can she start gluing.”
Zahavi explains that both Zagar and Shafir create something beautiful and original; they just use vastly different methods to get there. Her own work is informed by both of these methods.

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  In Memoriam

Candido Bido

Candido Bido, one of the Dominican Republic’s most renowned artists, passed away on March 7th.  Mr. Bido has left behind a true art legacy not only for the Dominican Republic, but for the entire Caribbean region. 

Cándido Bidó was one of the Dominican Republic's most famous contemporary artists. His extraordinary paintings were exhibited worldwide and had been featured in several monographs of the artist. A quiet, modest man, Bidó attained greatness in part because he promoted others rather than himself. His paintings reflected great love for the people who live in his native, rural Cibao Valley. 1

Picasso once declared, "Art washes away the dust of everyday life." A Bidó painting does just that; it suggests the simplicity, even poverty of a specific people but also reveals their heart. A gigantic sun with a brushstroke halo keeps watch over mothers, fishermen, farmers and peddlers who show a clumsy, sweet tenderness for each other. Enormous birds float through a cerulean air, are worn like hats, or are lovingly caressed. It is an enchanted and lush Antillean Paradise that Bidó wanted us to see; the world before the Fall yet strangely of our own world too, the one that seduces us with its universal depiction of yearning love and hope. 2

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  Other Important News
  • The new catalog is now available!  It has been updated with our newest collections and we have removed the ones that we no longer carry, so make sure you order your copy.
  • Our spring sale is going on for a few more weeks with discounts on all of our solid field tiles. Take advantage of it!
  • We are planning our next factory trip.  We will be going back to the Dominican Republic to visit the Aguayo Tiles factory.  This is a very good trip for those of you who want to have a better understanding of cement tiles.  You will see how they are made, receive an installation crash course, visit fabulous installations and spend some time in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with some of the coolest folks in the tile business, so make sure not to miss it!

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